Q&A With a PRO: MyungSun Lee, BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist

You’ve probably heard of BLACKPINK or even Park Min Young more famously known for her roles in Korean dramas such as the popular City Hunter .Well, they have one thing in common, and it’s the unique flawless make-up they have.The simple elegance is grabbing the public eye’s attention for the simple fact it’s setting a precedent in make-up trends !
Today I’m going to introduce you to the fairy, who is curently one of the leading artists in the her field, the women who makes this magic happen : MYUNGSUN LEE !


BANKALL Magazine :You’ve caught the attention of alot of people and fans and you’ve become very popular for your talents.We are all very curious to know how did you get started your career in the make-up? Did you have someone mentoring you ? 

MYUNGSUN LEE :After graduating from high school, I applied for the beauty department. At that time, I was learning hair, makeup, nail art, and skincare, but I couldn’t decide my major until I was a sophomore in college. Then, the professor of the makeup part suggested in my assignment evaluation, « You seem to have a talent in makeup, so why don’t you major in it? » Then I started dreaming. There is a saying, ‘Paris can even make a whatever dance’. In a way, it was a very trivial compliment that could have passed by, but it made me dream and realized that dream.


What inspires you  and how you manage to  translate these outstanding ideas into makeup?  

MSL: My inspiration for makeup comes from various places. It can be combined to fit a concept for various make-up poems, or comes to mind when I hear someone’s idea, or in my imagination while looking at nature or exhibitions.

The world is your canvas as they say ! Now, a lot of fans are eager to know more about you,, and what you do when you have free time for yourself .

MSL: I’m just an ordinary person. I like to spend my free time with my family and my dog. Sometimes I eat with my friends and talk about my daily life. When I want to be alone, I am alone. I Sometimes lie down , doing nothing , playing the music that I want to listen to.

It’s nice to see you still have time for the important people around you. You have the dream job of alot of girls, so when you go to work, what do you do ,what’s a typical day in you life like ? 

MSL: On days when I don’t have a business trip, I go to the salon early in the morning because of my schedule. I do the makeup of an actress who is filming a drama.

When I don’t have a schedule, I test new cosmetics. Post it on Instagram. Chat with employees.I have other schedules.It can go from meetings or other general make-up, course make-up or staff training. I come back home after finishing my schedule.


You have worked with so many korean celebrities like BLACKPINK and well known actresses like JUNG RYEOWON and PARK  MINYOUNG . How do you choose their makeup look for TV appearances or for music videos, dramas ? 

MSL: I set the concept in regards of time, place, and opportunity. Also, I have already seen them for a long time, I choose the look that enhance their faces so they can look pretty according to the situation.


The world is attracted to “Korean Beauty” and secret makeup tips. Can you give us some of yours ? ( lashes, lips, glow..) 

MSL: Korean beauty is more natural than I thought. You can think of it as removing more than your makeup. The objectif is not to close your face, but to reveal your beauty naturally. For example, fill in the empty spots and naturally brush the eyebrows. There are times when waxing is not done to save natural eyebrows. For lips, use a mild lip liner. I usually use NARS Getoff products, I also like to clean up the lip tone, without without making it look too artificial. Also, Transparent gloss is better than pearl gloss and color gloss. Glow Makeup I admire your style very much. I often use your work as a draft 🙂

I saw that you launched a YouTube channel « SUPER STAR MAKEUP ARTIST  TOP3″Congratulations for that ! How did you come up with this idea ? What are your plans for the future? tell us more.

MSL:Thank you.

I don’t have any big plans yet, but I’m going to try them step by step. I started it because I wanted to let you know a lot of makeup tips through actual videos, and not written interviews. I am not good at YouTube yet, but I hope you will pay attention.


Many of my readers would like to know what the BLACKPINK skincare routine is and what products you use ? 

MSL: BLACKPINK friends have great skin. They do self-care at home. I’m sorry but I don’t know their routines in detail.


If you have a client with acne problems, how do you make her look flawless? 

MSL: Proper use of concealer is important. Rather than applying a thick concealer to cover pimples, it is better to press lightly with a small amount of concealer.

What do you predict will be the upcoming beauty trends this coming summer? 

MSL: Nowadays, it seems that the trend is to put on pretty makeup to suit your personality. There are already many different makeup looks and the beauty industry is very advanced. Wouldn’t it be a trend to pull off the look that fits me and time, place, and opportunity?

I’m going to wear a cold-looking purple or magenta lipstick this summer. This color makes your skin tone look pale and gives you a cold impression. It’s cool just imagining it.

 Any last words for our readers? 

MSL: It is interesting and proud that Korean beauty is more well known than I thought. Thank you so much for your interest and I thought I should work hard to promote K-beauty in the future. It was a very interesting interview. Thank you for reading throught my interview!

Thank you Myungsun Lee for taking the time to answer my questions and for being so pleasant.

You can add her on instagram @iammaeng

and also here is a link to her channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzGju_-ukjyzyIQLLc-t3BQ
And don’t forget to check her videos out in order to become a makeup pro !

Kisses !

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